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Thank you for spending a few moments with us on our web page. We are glad
that you stopped by. Our faith is very important to us. In fact, you might say
that it is our life-blood.

We have learned that God created us to serve Him and that we are never more
at peace, never more joyful, never more fulfilled than when we are loving Him,
worshipping Him, or serving Him. We believe that you, too will find lifeís real
meaning in Jesus Christ.

Religion can come in many forms: It can be stuffy. It can be militant. It can
even be mean-spirited. But being a follower of Jesus is much more than simple
religion. Following Jesus means that you have found the Gift of God (or better,
He has found you). It means that you have found full forgiveness of your sins.
It means that heaven is your destiny.

Stay as long as you like here on our web page. Click wherever you want. Just
know that whatís most important to us is not our church, itís our Lord.


Johnny Funderburg